Food Truck Frenzy - Whitby

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Food Truck Frenzy Festival. I wasn't able to attend last year so when I saw the advertisements line the streets of Whitby a little over a week ago I immediately contacted a few close friends of mine and invited them to come along with me. I'm so glad that we went. There is something special about having 25 food trucks and hundreds of people gathering and enjoying food together. You can get overwhelmed in that kind of glorious environment and I certainly did. When we first arrived we didn't know where to start, each truck's menu had delicious food combinations that we wanted to try.  We did 2 1/2 laps just to get our bearings before we ended up settling on our first item to try! 

We shared our food which allowed us to try a lot of different vendors and dishes. That is definitely the way you want to experience this kind of thing. You could have spent a small fortune there if you were by yourself and honestly we still did...  Our problem was that we devoured everything so quickly because most things we tried were delicious. Restraint would have been a healthy thing to bring along with us unfortunately we left that in our cars. There were just too many things to try and not enough time, money, or stomach space to. I only got 6 photos out of 13 things we actually tried. Oops! 

The best thing that I tried came from Meat Ventures, Meat wagon.

I had their Tocino Slider which was the most balanced dish I had all day. The slaw gave the dish acidity, crunch, and complexity and it perfectly countered the richness and fattiness of their homemade filipino bacon. Each bite seemed like it was new and it kept me wanting to come back for more. It inspired me to try to remake it sometime in the future. My friends favourite dish came from them as well called the Bacon Fatty. What can go wrong with bacon wrapped meat loaf on garlic toast? It was stupid good. Honestly, the guys that run Meat Ventures just killed it. If you see them around Southern Ontario this year, be sure to check them out! 

Its good to see that these kinds of events are being held in the Durham Region. We don't have a ton of food trucks... or any that I know of, so our ability to try the latest craze in the food industry is difficult to come by. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to support these local businesses and what the food truck craze is all about. If you didn't get a chance to go this year you NEED to make it a priority and go next year. Check out the festivals website and be sure to follow them on twitter and Facebook