Durham Craft Beer Festival: Seasonals and Ciders

Back in July a friend who knew that I had started to brew and enjoyed craft beer informed me that Oshawa was having their first Craft Beer festival later in the month. I was ecstatic and made it a priority to go. Being new to brewing myself I wanted to get exposure to as many craft breweries as I could to give me idea's for my own. The event was very successful  and I was looking forward to the one next year. 

Little did I know that I wasn't going to have to wait a whole year to go. I was only going to have to wait a couple of months. Saturday, Sept. 20th the guys at Buster Rhino's (www.busterrhinos.com) hosted another Durham Craft Beer Festival. This time encouraging craft breweries to bring their seasonals and ciders to share with the crowds. There were 36 craft beers and 6 different ciders to choose from. I wish I could have tried them all! Unfortunately, I did have to make it home.  I really enjoyed the beers and ciders with only two that I thought were less desirable. I will review some of the drinks that I enjoyed and will try to emulate in my own home brews and ciders soon! I highly recommend that you get to next years Festival! 

One of the highlights was a Coconut Lime Refresher from Sawdust City Brewing Co. (www.sawdustcitybrewing.com) The pleasant coconut flavour had only a hint of lime. The flavours were true to taste, as sometimes I find fermented fruit drinks leaning to a composty palate rather than a pleasing refreshing drink. I'm definitely going to try and recreate this one! I love coconut and lime so this one definitely was a favourite. 


The second highlight of the day was from Spirit Tree Cider. (www.spirittreecider.com) Their Dry Hopped Cider was absolutely delicious. They have a perfect blend of Cascade and Shanock hops. It was dry, bitter, and sweet all in one!  It was balanced and kept you wanting to come back for more. Seriously you need to try this one. According to their website it is now available in bottles and can be enjoyed in multiple establishments around the GTA and Ontario. Check their site for more information. 

The last drink I need to mentioned comes from 5 Paddles Brewing Co. (www.5paddlesbrewing.com) They are located in Whitby On and have only been opened for little over a year. These guys know how to make delicious complex beer! The one I loved was called Italian Backyard. It was smooth with a hint of basil. This is something I would have never thought to put together but they did splendidly. I'm not sure if I have a picture of it though because when I tried it, it was at the end of the day and wasn't remembering to take pictures or notes. But I think this is it! 

Overall the day was fantastic and I applaud the guys at Buster Rhino's for hosting such a great event and an opportunity to bring craft beer culture to downtown Oshawa! I know I am looking forward to next years, come and join me! 

Great crowd! 

Great crowd!