A Very Merry Thanksgiving at the Cottage.

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Thanksgiving, Cottage, Thanksgiving at the Cottage, Special, Glorious, Very Merry Thanksgiving

This past thanksgiving our family did something we've never done before, we had our thanksgiving dinner at a cottage. Over the last 2 years my Aunt and Uncle have undertaken a huge renovation project. They've turned a small cottage into their dream retreat centre. Our family has taken advantage of their generous hospitality and journeyed there often this past summer. During one weekend visit in August we started dreaming about how beautiful a Thanksgiving dinner would be there.

We were there for four glorious days. We filled our time with walks, camp fires, cooking strange and wonderful pumpkin recipes, and enjoying each others company. I spent time with my sister, Megan, and her wife, Gunhild. I don't get to do often because they live in Norway. They are also in an awesome band called, Bow to Each Other -you should totally check them out. They tour and work their tails off which makes staying connected difficult. I super enjoyed playing UNO with them, even if they kicked my butt!  Further, Gunhild's parents were visiting Canada for the first time and it was their first ever Thanksgiving Dinner.

My other sister, Jessica and brother-in-law, Terry, have a large family and they were able to come up for the day of the feast making the occasion even more special. Not only that but it was my nieces first thanksgiving. There is something special about a baby's first. Everything is new to them and you can see discovery in their eyes. It's truly wonderful to experience.  Having them there just made everything even better. I love them.  

Finally, I had the privilege to cook for 19 of my family members. You know I love you because I will cook for you. I was grateful for our time there and the opportunity to create new dishes for my family. Over the four days I made Bacon Cranberry Marmalade. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Pickled Pumpkin 2 ways (Here and Here), Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Cobbler, Pumpkin Butter, and Creamed Corn. It was the most amount of cooking I've done in a long while and I loved every minute of it. 

I hope you had/have (depending if you're from Canada or the States) a very merry thanksgiving like I did this year.