Cilantro Oil

1 Bunch of fresh cilantro 
2 cups vegetable oil or very lightly flavoured olive oil

Fill a medium sized pot with water to the half way point and bring to a simmer. Leaving the cilantro tied together blanch in simmering water for 5-7 seconds. Place in a ice bath immediately and dry thoroughly. Take of the elastic band or twist tie, whatever the cilantro is tied with, and place into a food processor and begin to process. Add the oil in a steady stream. Once you've poured in all the oil continue to process for another 30 seconds. Once done strained through cheese cloth, a coffee filter or a fine sieve, whatever you have and discard whats left in the cheese cloth and keep the oil that is left in your bowl. 

You should have a bright green and flavourful oil that you can use to garnish with or use in salad dressings. Enjoy!