A Sommelier's Savory Summer Salad & Wine Pairing

*This article was written by Kellie MacMillian, www.princessandtheyardape.com

Savoury Summer Salad and Wine Pairing

I feel like Jared and I are a blogging movie waiting to happen. Over the brief months of 2016, I've had an opportunity to experience some of the most profound personal growth in my life.  It wasn't always the most pleasant time for me and it took the most courage I've ever had to muster.  I was having difficulty on a daily basis with things most people take for granted: the common & the ordinary.

Jared doesn't know this but I was approached by someone in our mutual blogging circles and ended up being very hurt and uncertain about myself after this exchange.  Blogging is a very strange and exhilarating lifestyle to be sure, a lot like being on a rollercoaster.  

Determined to not have this one thing bring me down, as I was driving one morning I figuratively, steered myself down the positive road and started thinking, 

Sommelier Summer Salad, wine pairing

"Self, if you could work with any blogger in the world who would it be?" 

I immediately thought of Jared, I love how he writes with such honesty and humor.  His posts are so easy to follow and I admit, I’m always drooling.  He stands out to me as a person who is unique, very genuine and he encapsulates everything that I'm looking for online.

Here’s the great part: By the time I came home, there was a message from Jared asking me to guest post on The Hesitant Chef.

I became so excited and frightened at the same time.  I created a recipe, bought the ingredients 3 times and in the end decided to just change directions. 

Sommelier Savory Summer Salad, wine pairing

I wanted my work on Jared’s site to reflect how I usually cook.  Being a Sommelier, I choose the wine first.  You are probably thinking, ‘what kind of new hell is Jared exposing us to?’ but I love taking tradition and turn it on its ear. I push that envelope, just enough to make life interesting. For example, using a fruit in a savory dish like today’s recipe.  I sort of like to screw with you in a fun way.  Here’s a quote from my bio that sums me up: “I see myself as being Game of Thrones’, Daenerys Targaryen of Sommeliers. I don’t want to re-invent the wine wheel. I want to break it. Bringing food & wine pairings to you isn’t something I ‘try’ to do. That’s what I’m good at.” 

Despite being burned by the blogging fire, I’ve come out unscathed and have a brand new way of looking at hesitation.  Thanks to Jared, I get to experience the greatest joy of blogging – THE CHANCE TO SHARE!

As far as months go, May turned out to be just the thing.  I had so many non-judgmental, supportive interactions and experienced just the humanity I needed.  

Thank you Jared.


Sommelier savoury Summer salad, wine pairing

Serves 4 people as a full meal.
Ingredients for the Salad:
5-6 cups, Mixed Greens Washed and Dried
2 cups of Mixed Fruit(strawberries, blackberries, cherries or blueberries) Washed, hulled & pitted. 
3 radish, thinly sliced(mandolin slicer is recommended). 
A combo of cheese – I used grilled halloumi,* See Note crumbled feta and cubed extra old white cheddar. 
1/3 cup of pistachios, shelled/peeled
1 cup of Very Berry Dressing

Directions on Grilling the Halloumi:  
Place sliced cheese (bite sized pieces about ½ inch think) in a COLD, uncreased non-stick frying pan. Brown on MEDIUM heat for 2-3 minutes per side or until golden. 

Ingredients for the Dressing:
2 cups of strawberries, hulled and roughly chopped.
½ a beet, peeled and diced *this is a natural sweetener to replace the use of sugar.
Pink Himalayan sea salt, Too Taste
Freshly Cracked Black Pepper, Too Taste
A few drizzles of extra virgin olive oil

Directions For the Dressing:
Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.  Slowly add olive oil at the very end.

Toss in a large bowl and then plate individually.  

Wine Pairing:
There are always those poo-pooers who try to tell you not to pair wine (especially red) with salad.  Or, those who say that real men don’t drink pink wine. Brad Pitt does, and so does my husband! Those ninnies have no taste, well at least underdeveloped taste.  Join me and every other smart person on earth and buy wines from the Southern Part of France all summer.  Red or Rosé, select wine from places like Cotes du Rhône, Provence, Tavel, Gigondas and Ventoux.  

Sommelier Savory Summer Salad, Wine Pairing
Sommeliers Savory Summer Salad Wine Pairing

Kellie is one half of Princess & The Yard Ape. She's a sommelier who's goal it is to make you a wine and food pairing genius. Their blog is all about wine, food and gardening. Join them in their out door-online oasis!