10 Amazing Finger Foods and Dips for the Big Game

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. One of the best parts, for me, is that it happens every year. Unfortunately, the food at these parties can become tiresome and in need of some help. Luckily for you I’ve collected 10 recipes that will spice up your Super Bowl viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Top 5 Finger Foods. 

10 amazing Finger Foods dips big game

1. Mini Corn Dogs

Foot ball is american and so are these delicious treats. I don’t know what goes better than foot ball and corn dogs. Do you?


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

2. Slow Cooker Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Tailgates, BBQ and Football. Sounds like the american dream to me! These are a healthy…er… take on the classic pulled pork sandwich. They LOOK AMAZING and I’m sure everyone at your Super Bowl party will thank you for serving them.


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

3. Crispy Honey Sriracha Wings

There is nothing wrong with these. I’m serious, nothing. Spicy and sweet these were bred to be a crowd pleaser! 


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

4. Mini Meatball Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Ok, I know, these might be a little unorthodox for a super bowl party, but I bet you you’ll love them and be glad you made them! Beef and mushrooms were practically made for each other. They are like two peas in a pod or like best friends that do EVERYTHING together. #BFFS


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

5. East Coast Garlic Fingers With Donair Sauce

Bread? Check.
Cheese? Check.
Garlic? Check.
Butter? Check.
These can never be wrong. Never. Ever. I don’t care what Justin Bieber says, These will NEVER be WRONG!


Top 5 Dips

10 amazing finger foods dips big game

1. Ultra Creamy Black Bean Dip

Tex mex. It’s the way of the future! That may be a little over dramatic but this is a perfect dip for your super bowl party. Also try it in one of those 7 layer dips everyone and their grandmother makes. I bet your life will never be the same again.


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

2. Avocado Hummus

Sure it’s healthy, but on a day where you will probably over eat and drink, it’s probably not a bad idea to have at least 1 thing on the buffet table that isn’t meat or deep fried. Right? 


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

3. Buffalo Chicken Bacon Dip

If making chicken wings seems like too much work than this dip is for you! All the flavour of everyones favourite bar food in a dip! Try it, like it, and say thank you. You’re welcome. 


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

4. Black Bean and Feta Corn Salsa

Salsa! It's good for the soul. Make some nachos and use this a delicious side. Or just eat it with your favourite chip and slowly fall into the best food coma of your life.



10 amazing finger foods dips big game

5. Cheesy Portobello Mushroom Dip.

Clearly this man knows what he is doing. This dip is going to blow you and your guests minds. Who knew a dip could do that? 




10 amazing finger foods dips big game

Go-To Artichoke Dip

Jay Eats just recently became Canadian Beef Blogger Ambassador, he knows what he is talking about. Trust me. This artichoke dip will meet all your needs. Every. Last. One. 


10 amazing finger foods dips big game

Sweet Potato Fries with Herbed Tahini Sauce

Fries and sports are better together. These are no exception. The best part is that they taste better and are healthier than your regular ol'fry. They look amazing and will be a crowd pleaser! Maybe even pair them with that creamy bean dip up above? Might be magic!