Dry Hopped Cider

Last September I went to a local Cider and Beer festival in Oshawa. I blogged a little bit of my experience in the friends section of the site, Check it out! 

Anyways while I was there I was inspired to create some of my own recipes based off of what I tried. This dry hopped cider is the first one I tried to recreate and I was fairly successful, however it was a bit too sweet. Next time I will reduce the apple juice concentrate from 6 cans to 4. 

Dry Hopped Cider

5 Gallons Apple 100% Apple Juice
6 Cups sugar
1 Packet Nottingham Yeast
.5 ounce hops
.5 ounce hops
6 Cans Apple Juice Concentrate

In a carboy pour half a gallon of apple juice and sugar and mix until sugar is dissolved. Add the rest of the apple juice. Pitch yeast and let ferment for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks put in hops and let ferment for another week. The cider is now ready to bottle. Rack cider into bottling bucket and mix in 6 cans of apple juice concentrate. Bottle. I use a plastic pop bottle to test for carbonation. Once the pop bottle is hard like a coke bottle it is ready to be pasteurized. Pasteurize.