Apple Black Current Cider

One of the benefits of living at home is the abundance of garden fresh fruits and vegetables. A few years ago my mother planted two black current bushes by our newly built castle of a shed. I remember giving her a hard time about them because currents aren't really versatile. You can basically make jelly out of them and thats it. However, I recently began to brew my own beers and ciders and my imagination began to run wild. I thought that the tartness of black currents would go extremely well with the sweetness of apple. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out and so far so have all of my friends that have tried it. 

The flavour is tart with only a very mild taste of the currents, its border line on the wine side of fermented fruits and is only slightly carbonated. It is dry with a bit of tartness but still very drinkable. 

Here's the recipe and the steps I took to make it. 

Black Current and Apple Cider

5 gallons pure apple juice  
2 litters of black current juice
3 cans of frozen apple concentrate
1 pound of amber honey
1 package of Nottingham yeast  

Mix together the apple juice and honey, making sure that the honey is completely dissolved. I did this by heating up a small portion of apple juice in a sauce pot and mixed the honey in. Make sure that you do not boil because you do not want to rise the temperature of the apple juice to be to high because then you won't be able to pitch your yeast. Funnel the remaining apple juice and honey apple juice mixture into the carboy and pitch your yeast. Air lock and forget about it for 2 weeks or until it has fermented out. 

After 2 weeks add the current juice in a secondary fermenter and funnel the cider into it. Ferment for another 7 days. 

After this the cider should be ready to bottle. Funnel into your bottling bucket and mix in you frozen apple concentrate. Bottle. Bottle condition for another 7 days, or until your tester bottle is firm. (Check it every day as you do not want to create little bottle bombs) 

Drink and enjoy! 

It's ready and I'm excited to finally try it! :) 

It's ready and I'm excited to finally try it! :)