Welcome to www.thehesitantchef.com! I'm Jared Kovacs and I'm so glad you've found your way here. Growing up, I was always around food. My Mom was and is a gifted baker and my Dad, a trained chef. Between the two of them, they were always whipping up something tasty for my sisters and I to eat. 

My two older sisters and I

My two older sisters and I

Their passion rubbed off on me and when I was 12 I started to cook with them in the kitchen. Eventually I would take over cooking for the holidays and other large family gatherings. In high school I began to work in restaurants which continued to feed my passion for food. After graduation I furthered my knowledge and skills by going to Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough, ON, Canada for Culinary Management. During that time I began to realize that although I loved to cook and create recipes I didn't love the restaurant industry. After graduating and working in the industry for 7 years I gave it up and ever since I have been hesitant to do anything with my chef training. I mean, other than cooking for my family and friends. Than in 2014 a good friend of mine suggested that I start a food blog and something clicked for me in that moment. That evening thehesitantchef.com was born.  I'm so thankful I followed her advice because it has given me opportunities that I've thoroughly enjoyed! I've reviewed food festivals, become a yummly.com publisher (which if you haven't checked out yet you totally should, I love that site!), and have met so many awesome people because I started this thing. I truly believe that food, beer, and cider are best experienced with others and I can honestly say that I've experienced that since starting this blog. 

A few years ago I began to brew my own beer and cider. I've spent my time reading, brewing, acquiring new equipment (which seems to never end), and most importantly drinking what I've made. (Don't worry Mom, I'm a responsible adult!) I've loved (re)learning how to brew. It's a process that seems to never end! One of the things I've really enjoyed is cooking with my home brews as well as develop recipes from the by products of the brewing process. There is an endless connection between food and beer/cider that I've only scratched the surface of. I'm excited to show you what I've discovered! I invite you to join me in my journey to becoming a brew master. 

To me there is no better way to spend a day then creating an amazing meal with a beer/cider in hand. Some of my favourite cuisines to cook are Italian, southern BBQ, and Thai. I love big bold flavours and fresh ingredients. My hope for thehesitantchef.com is that it will encourage you to cook and brew, regardless of your skill level, at home and to share your creations with your loved ones. 

Welcome and don't be hesitant like me! 

If you wish to connect with me please do so at thehesitantchef@gmail.com.